"CRI was the only company willing to take on the project...CRI went above and beyond and pursued a solution for us. CRI was clearly excited about the opportunity and followed through."
- Ariel Jackson


A local non-profit, community-based organization faced unique challenges in 2020. Their existing food distribution application used for all customer information, food distribution data, and delivery data was no longer supported. Without the application, the organization was no longer able to input new forms, update existing forms, or document data. At the time, the client also faced the COVID-19 pandemic, which drastically increased the demand and need for their services in the local area.  


CRI’s Solution team stepped in to implement and configure ServiceNow, a Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) application. CRI’s SaaS solution enabled the organization to capture important information and data. CRI’s team developed dashboards to capture and represent key performance indicators and set up the organization’s portal, a landing page for public users to access and fill out required forms. CRI developed the solution quickly, leveraging the maturity of the ServiceNow SaaS platform. 


CRI’s solution allowed the client to automate many of its manual processes/tasks that had tied up their employees, allowing them to focus on serving the community rather than manually entering, accessing, and recording data. The client is now able to record and access information via multiple devices, i.e., laptop, phone, or tablet, plus gained the ability to drill down into key data points for detailed reporting and management purposes. CRI’s solution also tracks key data in real-time and retains relevant historical data.